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Napkin is all about preparing and maintaining datasets as easy as possible

of effort in all of data science is in preparation and sustaining of datasets and data pipelines over time.

With napkin, you write the SQL transformations and napkin runs them.

Enabling teams with rapid, reusable SQL transformations

Napkin enables many teams to push the vast majority of data preparation overhead to modern data warehouses like BigQuery so all the key data elements can be stitched together, cleansed and transformed via SQL into a form final and ready to be consumed by dashboards, analytics and machine learning models.
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From raw data to fully synthesized analysis.

Data Science teams use napkin to setup entire data transformation pipelines that go from raw to fully synthesized analysis and model training datasets. Napkin ensures these data pipelines are easily updatable by all members of the team and can keep expanding without incurring additional complexity.

Furthermore, napkin’s large collection of advanced utilities and metaprogramming capabilities turbo-charge feature engineering efforts by easily creating hundreds of feature variants with little effort.

Programmatically generate sophisticated SQL

Software development teams use napkin to programmatically generate sophisticated SQL as part of their full application stack. User-customized reporting, multi-tenant dashboard preparation, reporting & analytics datacube generation are common use cases for napkin in existence today.

At its core, napkin is a Haskell based Domain Specific Language (DSL) that very directly approximates SQL. You can dynamically write SQL and produce large amounts of sophistication with relatively little code. Because napkin’s DSL is a direct mapping to SQL itself, there is no ORM or other middle-layer to understand - you can generate SQL directly but with a massively expanded arsenal of utility functions that support you.

Transform and regenerate all datasets

Napkin provides a very lightweight mechanism to transform datasets and regenerate all datasets as needed (for example, on a daily basis). This core pattern enables even the smallest analysis team to curate a collection of tables that feed reporting and dashboarding efforts. Several business intelligence efforts today use napkin to feed state-of-the-art Tableau dashboards that get refreshed by napkin behind the scenes without any need for engineering or complex technical work.

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Napkin is built by software engineers and data scientists working on interesting challenges. We also provide development consulting and services for our partners. Find out more.

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